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February Magazine

The end of ice is nearing, and there is no better time to put your head down and find this winter’s next big bite!

Just as the dog days of summer settle in upon us each summer, February could be considered winter’s equivalent.  Each day seems to be no different than the one before or the ones to follow. It can be a tough time of year to both catch fish and muster up the motivation to put on the bibs and boots to hit ice for another outing. It’s lucky In-Depth Outdoors is composed of some of the most diehard fisherman in the ice belt, and each day, for many, is just another chance to do what they’re born for, ice fishing.

To go along with the monotony of February, Joel Nelson has a great piece on the mentality of a great fisherman, and how a few little things can turn you from a good fisherman into an awesome one, in his article: It’s 99% Between the Ears, the rest is Just Frozen Water.

One man who is as die hard as they come is Adam Rasmussen. Just to give you a little insight on Adam’s mentality, earlier this winter we headed out to Central Wisconsin for 3 days of fishing and filming. The weather was awful, with a stiff breeze, a dreary sky and temperatures hovering near zero degrees. After three days of banging our heads against the ice, we had little to show for our efforts. By little, I mean a few sub par crappies and the strong need for a stiff beverage. As we packed up the truck to head west across the cheese curtain in hopes of filming the week’s show, Adam planned on packing up his truck and hitting the ice to show the fish who was boss. As James and I drove away, we were shocked! That’s a diehard!

It’s only fitting that Adam has a great February article detailing the best ways to consistently get on giant pike through a 10″ hole. In his article, Finding Big WI Pike Through the Ice, he breaks down his approach to locating and catching the top of the line pike on some of the most pressured lakes in the badger state.

Ben Brettingen weighs in on a couple local bites around the Twin Cities for anybody to jump out and fill a bucket full of panfish in Adding to your Arsenal – Twin Cities

If chips are down, and the fish have left you with your tail between your legs, we jump over to the furry side of the website and talk a little predator hunting. Jason Beaulieu puts in over 200 sets a winter, is known to trick ol’ Wiley Coyote a time or two, and explains how he lays out a calling set in Winter Ghosts

Also if you didn’t hear, IDO TV got on what James Holst explains “The best big perch bite of his life”. If you fish and have a pulse, you need to check it out! Giant Idaho Perch