In-Depth Outdoors TV Schedule
Airing on Bally Sports North – 8AM Sundays (CST)

Season 12 premieres November 2017

In-­Depth Outdoors TV brings you 26 weeks of ice and open water action, with each episode being broadcast in the same week it is filmed. Tune in to In­-Depth Outdoors every Sunday on Bally Sports North at 8 AM (CST) for the latest info on the hottest bites and most­ effective fish catching techniques from your favorite lakes and rivers in North America!

In-­Depth Outdoors’ 12th season of broadcast will begin ­November 2016. If you’ve missed this week’s episode or would like to watch episodes from previous broadcast seasons, we’ve got you covered! Every In­-Depth Outdoors can be viewed online from our YouTube Channel. So pull up a chair and catch last week’s episode or tune into some of your favorites at work on your lunch hour!

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The show is produced by In-Depth Media Productions, more information is located on our LinkedIn page.

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