Harvest Chronicles


The big announcement this month from In-Depth Outdoors is the release of a new video series called the “Harvest Chronicles.” The Harvest Chronicles hosted by Pat McSharry and Ben Brettingen will follow In-Depth Outdoors Pro Staff members across the Midwest as they pursue deer, ducks, geese and other game species.

“Harvest Chronicles” will feature weekly webisodes, focused on high quality cinematography and just like the fishing show, present realtime, up to date information. However, the show isn’t simply about the hunt, it’s the journey which makes hunting special for many people, and we will try our best to capture the sentiment and devotion which hunters know about all too well.

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Ben Brettingen

Hailing from Waconia, Minnesota Ben grew up with some of the best metro waters right out of his front door. Ben was able to grow up on the fore front of the Metro Muskie craze, and learned quickly what it Full Bio ›

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