Bear Hunting with my son Bobby aka “Top Heavy”


This year I was lucky enough to draw a tag for area 51. My son Bobby was not so lucky. We were forced to bait both area 51 and the no-quota area, we started baiting on the 14th of August and were surprised at the amount of activity that we had in both areas!

replenishing baits

replenishing baits

We continued to bait all of our sites twice a week and had cameras on all of the bait sites. Again we were surprised at the number of bears that we had on each site! (Some had more than 10 bears) From those pictures we made a “HIT LIST” Of bears that we wanted to target.



Bobby and his bear

Bobby and his bear

Bobby’s first day was windy but the temp. was nice and cool. he arrived at his stand about 2:30 pm. within minutes he had several small bears on the bait, But Bobby knew there were bigger bears on this bait and passed these bears up. shortly after that one of his “target” bears showed up! After about 10 minutes of circling the bear finally comitted to the bait and Bobby Put a 3 blade rage powered by his matthews Drenlin thru his heart and lungs, the bear only went 16 yards!

volkswagon alive and well

volkswagon alive and well

My bear “Volkswagon” made one daylight appearance before we ran out of camera light. I am holding out for him and hope to be able to share my hunt with you!
I would like to say congrats to my son and hunting partner Bobby. Great job!


  1. I was disappointed we didn’t get to meet last weekend Bob but I don’t blame you one bit for choosing bears over pistols!! Tell Bobby congrats!

  2. Great bear Bobby and what a giant to be chasing Bob. Volkswagen is HUGE!

  3. Nice report Bob an congrats to Bobby on his bow bear! It sounds like Bobby and you are spending a lot of quality father/son time together. Hunting truly brings out the best in relationships!

  4. Congrats Bobby! It’s never easy letting an animal go like that, though I’m guessing having trail cam pics of better bears had to help. Still, with the reports I’ve been hearing of poorer bear hunting, esp. early, congrats on holding out for a good one!


  5. Congrats Guys! Nice first report Bob.

    Thanks for sharing your hunt with us! Lets all hope we see Volkswagon make a mistake! Congrats to Top Heavy on a great Archery Bear!

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