Last week was one for the books – made 15 sets and had action at 10 of them with numerous animals being shot throughout the week. Overall, I called in 12 coyotes and 3 red fox with 5 coyotes and 2 fox being shot. It was definitely the week for me to be hunting instead of typing, so I only hit the highlights.

1265056092-3Thursday 1/28/10

1st set – Just as I sat down, I noticed a coyote heading across the field in front of me… couldn’t believe it! Scoped the animal to identify the target and barked which slowed him to a trot… cartwheeled him!! I’ve been wondering how long it would be before I would walk up on a coyote but didn’t expect it. I don’t know what that guy was thinking? Called the spot and decided it was time to go collect the critter. As I’m walking out to pick him up I see a coyote running straight away from me at about 150 yds. I drop to one knee, get on him and squeeze… Whack!… down he goes. Unfortunately, he got up and ran off before I could get another round into him. Apparently he popped out of the brushy fencerow at the same time I decided to pack up.

2nd set – Called a nice valley – blanked

3rd set – Got set up on a ridgeline, about 6-7 minutes into the set I saw a coyote right over my buddy’s shoulder coming in from behind him. For a minute I thought he was going to be in his lap, but he saw him at about 60 yds and dropped him. Kept calling and had 2 coyotes howling at us from the ridge in front of us… worked them a bit and they popped out into the field at about 300 yds. We watched the pair work their way in and finally the female stopped on the other side of the corn stubble to make a plan. The male was working his way into the stubble to the north so I figured that I better shoot before she follows. Touched off the shot and she went down… ranged it at about 210 yds after the fact.

4th set – Crossed the road and called another ridge and had a red fox come streaking in from behind us. Couldn’t get on him in the corn stubble so I kept working him. He popped up in front of us and tried to cut across the field at about 90 yds. I barked him to a stop and my buddy and I both shoot… definite bang flop on that one. Turned out to be a great night of calling with 4 coyotes and 1 red fox shot.

1265056092-1Saturday 1/30/10

1st set – Had a red fox pop out of the woods about 150 yds away. The call was off so I decided to try some lipsqueaks to try to coax him in. Let a few squeaks go across the field and he came in on a string. Barked and shot him at about 80 yds… beautiful red fox. Called a bit more and decided to wrap it up. While my buddy and I were replaying the scene I noticed a coyote over his shoulder at about 180-200 yds staring right at us. We hit the deck and tried to get set up for the shot. When I pulled my scope up and started to line up I found out there were two of them. Just as I’m about to squeeze they bolt and head for the hills. Two quick shots with no success… I really hate missing coyotes

2nd set – Started calling a big valley and catch a coyote slipping in to our right at about 300 yds. The setup was perfect so I tried to work him in as close as possible. It was awesome watching him close the distance in the scope. At about 90 yds he decided to cut north so I barked and took the shot… huge swing and a MISS! I have no idea what happened but he didn’t drop. Took a couple of shots on the run to no avail. Those are the kinds of things that keep me up at night.

3rd set – Blank, called it a night after the set

1265056092-4Definitely a great week of hunting. Now it’s time to rest up, get the gear in order, and prepare for the next outing.

Good luck out there…


  1. Great read Jeff! Looks like you had a blast this past weekend. If I keep reading these coyote posts I’m going to have to have someone take me out and show me the ropes! Looks like it would be a blast!

  2. Congrats on your awesome week Jeff! What are you using (if anything) when you bark at them? I’m assuming you do that to get them to stop and look at you so you can squeeze off a shot right?

    What were the best calls this week and how did you use them to coax in these predators?

  3. The good thing is that your are killing them. Bad thing is that they are on a ever rising population. This animal is not hunted enough IMO.
    Have you seen a rise in sightings over the last few years?

    Good luck, keep going out.
    They are very tricky and smart. Keep up the good posts.

  4. I have been doing a little coyote hunting this year with my brother-in-law. We haven’t had any luck so far.

    Anyway, we are heading out this next weekend to give it another try. I was wondering about the red fox coming in: Were you using any coyote howls/barks etc. on the sets that you shot fox? The reason I ask is I’m wondering if you lose your shot at fox when you start making coyote sounds? Thanks! Love the reports!


  5. Thanks, guys… it’s been a lot of fun. I don’t know that I’ve seen more coyotes over the past couple of years but the population definitely seems to be on the rise. I’ve been using mainly distress calls… seems to work for me.

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