Green Bay Walleyes on the CHEW!!!

Green Bay Walleyes On the chew

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August is wearing thin with not to many days left and September is soon to come bringing for most of us the first signs of Autumn. The autumn season is my favorite time of the year but lets not talk the fall season quite yet and lets take a look at how this summer season has been treating us. Unlike last summer this year we have had a pretty decent summer with much warmer temperatures along with good stretches of relatively stable weather.Our first big cold front is moving through the mid west 019region right now bringing strong winds and much cooler temps.

The Green Bay walleye fishing has been really good this season in many locations throughout the Bay including areas in the southern basin along with great catches coming in the central and northern portions of Green Bay. This season I have been finding good success casting for walleyes in many different location in the central and northern portions of Green Bay. Lately I have been catching nice walleyes in water depths from 15 to 25 feet of water using #7 Rapala Rippin Raps in various different colors depending on if the day is sunny or cloudy. On days with abundant sunshine we have had better success using blue and silver along with the gold shiner color and days with more cloud cover the firetiger or pearl color has been best.

Trolling has been our best bet for catching fish when they seem to be spread out or out suspended away from structure. On days when the wind has been light or non existent the fish become a bit more spooky and tend to pull off of shallower structure and often will suspend at certain structure depths just off and away from structure. Our best approach as usual is to troll crankbaits behind planer boards at various depths until we find a proven depth and duplicate that depth with different color baits until we find a color patteren and duplicate that color until it changes and as always it will change sooner or later. Our best baits by far this summer have been The Rapala Husky Jerks and color changes daily but our heavy hitter’s day in and day out have been the blue chrome along with Purpledescent.

As our water temps begin to cool we will see a pattern change from summer to early fall patterns which generally will move the fish from their summer haunts beginning to relocate to their soon to be fall areas. Generally in our area we will find numbers of fish will begin to fall off but we will often see large fish relating to areas where they will remain throughout the Fall season. Late Fall will show large numbers of Walleyes returning from the big water heading into areas that they will winter over including areas such as Little Bay De Noc where if you can put up with cold temps and fishing in the dark you can witness some incredible late fall walleye fishing with a real good shot at the walleye of a life time. Good luck Fishing and as always be safe.


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  1. Thank You Paul for the Great Report. I am sure thinking I just may
    have to take a ride over to Door County Side, and join you for a day.

    My friends Randy and Brian keep talking about their trip with you early July.
    Fall sounds like more BIG fish move in and are catchable. Can’t think
    think of much more I’d rather do come Oct and Nov.
    thanks again,

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