Green Bay Walleye Fishing

Green Bay Walleye Fishing

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The Walleye Fishing here on the Bay Of Green Bay has been excellent over the past few weeks with great catches of quality size walleyes being caught on a daily basis. We have been fishing a number of different areas including mid basin areas where we have been finding the fish to be suspended at various depths. When targeting these suspended fish we have found it to be very important to stagger our baits through the water column until we mark fish at a certain depth or we begin catching them at a certain depth.10421294_817770958259225_6052518681971923660_n

We have been finding success trolling both crank baits such as the Storm Smash Shads along with the Rapala Husky Jerks. The colors that have worked best for us have been blue and silver along with purpledescent. We also have been finding good success trolling crawler harnesses behind inline weights. On days that we have had more wind blowing I have been trolling crank baits more and on days with less wind we have been doing well trolling crawler harnesses

We also have been fishing some shallower areas with some structure and here we have been both trolling and casting for the walleyes. We will usually start trolling these shallower areas to locate fish and if we find the fish to be grouped up in a certain area we will go back and cast for these fish using Storm Smash Shads in colors of both purple and blue and silver being our best colors. We have been finding better success in these shallow areas when there has been some wind present.

The Walleye fishing will continue to be good in these areas right through the month of August With the month of August generally being our best summer month. We will begin to see a lot of the larger walleyes begin to make a migrational move northward following bait fish that will begin to vacate the shallower warmer water looking for cooler water temps. This is beginning to happen right now as the water temps have risen into the low to mid 70 degree range through most of the lower to mid portions of Green Bay. Remember to be safe on the water and good luck fishing.

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