Mississippi River Sturgeon Report


Friday evening was just a awesome time to be fishing the upper end of Pool 4! And what a way to end and evening of fishing with the father/son team of Peter and Joe Janik with a double shovel!

Sliver of sucker has been working well for Shovelnose Sturgeon, Channel Cats and Flatheads. Tonight we switched up to 4 or 5 fathead minnows and the results were just as good if not better than sucker.

I’m not sure how many Shovels were caught last night, I lost track at 12. I believe it was a 4 pounder that was the largest.

Earlier Peter hooked into his first Laker.

Now tell me, is this a great Father Son shot or what!

With out hooking a fish, Friday night would a night made to be out on the water. The moon was brite and no real need for lights. It actually give a person that warm fuzzy feeling being out there.

The small bully flatheads, head shaking channel cats, strange looking shovels and a lake sturgeon were just a bonus!

Saturday as a new day filled with promise, although the combination of a large pontoon, wind from the wrong direction and a handful of sauger/walleye searchers made pontoon positioning darn near imposable.

Our group found ourselves fishing out of the “hot zone” for most of the day. We decided to get something to eat and launch again about 5:30 pm.

We were out about an hour when we notice a flash out to the west and sure enough, lightening was going to cut our after dark trip short.

All was not lost. Brian the son in law of the group picked up a healthy shovel in short order.

It wasn’t too long after that when he hooked into a fight! The drag might have been to tight as Brian was down on his knees in the front of the pontoon with the rod tip well under the water. Brian was learning quickly who leads in the sturgeon dance!

Although Shovelnose, Channel Cat and Flathead season is open year round, it’s time to get the boat cleaned up for the winter.

Next weekend is the Evert’s Fishing Resort Saugerama and it won’t be a good day for anchoring in the dam area…but remember…

Catfisherman Own The Night!

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  1. maybe we should have a shovel-mania instead of a sauger-ama.
    still thinking about that 31# flathead.


  2. p.s. brian….
    karl used the “BK semi-pro blue lizard” yesterday and had a lot of success. as it turns out the BKSPBL triggers explosive strikes from any sheepie that lays eyes on it! he was wondering where he can get some more!! drum fisherman beware!!

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