Browns G’Lore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think it’s pretty obvious by the pictures that the masses of big Browns are working there way into the harbor now. Caught them pretty good this past week. Although they are plentiful this can be one of the toughest times to get the fish.

As the water cools this bite will only get better for the big browns.

The salmon bite remains the same and I thought I’d save the time and space by not putting up another report. Clients are getting 30+ fish hooked up almost each trip out on spinnig tackle.

This is truley the best place in the world for both numbers of big browns and numbers of catching them!

Sorry for the short report hitting the rack and heading out of town for a weeks vacation. Time to do a little fun fishing!

Capt. Eric Haataja

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capt. eric

Full time fishing guide fishing for everything that swims with an emphisis of fishing for "Big Fish". I've been fortunate enough to film with In-Fish T.V. Babe Winkleman, Midwest Outdoors, Outdoor Wisconsin, John Gellispe's waters and woods.


  1. Those shots of the browns milling around in the water are incredible! Ab-so-lute-ly unbelievable! When you take into account that some of those fish weigh in over 20 lbs it leaves me in awe.

    What general techniques are you using to catch those browns?

    Enjoy your vacaction!

  2. Neat pictures Eric. Think Im going to have to put Milwaukee on my list of places to fish next fall.

  3. Techniques vary from skein, spinners, single eggs, small flys, jerk baits and soft plastics and jigging spoons. Trolling also works but I prefer to chase them with stand up tackle or float fishing tackle.

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