February Wrap Up from South Dakota

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Well March is here and the artic air has not left us one bit. Despite a small window where I snuck out west for some pond fishing and the Missouri River it has been nothing short of the polar vortex they have been calling it. Daytime highs in the negatives combined with wind have made it downright miserable at times. The otter is like second home this winter for me. Hoping that March brings some warmer temps and a chance to legitimately hole hop so to speak. I have been doing a mixed bag of fishing including some crappies, perch, and walleyes. A few pike are cruising along shallow flats offering some excitement at times. I have left the bluegills alone for a few weeks here but rumor is they are still taking small jigs with plastic or bait.

I have been finding crappies on shallow flats in 8-10 fow cruising at peak times. I tried a few midlake holes which have also held fish but the fish are far less aggressive in the deep water. Crappies have been coming on pug bugs in pink and white with euro larvae as well as 1/8 oz Tinglers in UV green glow as well as perch with silver back. Me and my brother employed a tag team approach a bit back here where we both jigged large spoons. Small schools would come in and either smash the Tinglers with a minnow head or else slide over to the pug bug. Running the TUCR power noodle propped up in the snow or sitting on a pail makes an awesome deadstick for applications like this. I know using a $90 dollar custom rod to sit in the snow seems like running a Cadillac down a gravel road but it gets the job done.

I have been finding Eyes and perch on similar shallow flats as well as in particular two even shallower flats in 5-6 fow. Points that extend out to 25fow near 30 fow have been concentrating perch as of late in the morning and evening hours. I have been using a similar 1:2 punch for the perch and eyes since I have been forced to fish inside. On the Jig stick I have been using a VMC rattle spoon in glow red or orange with a pug bug with a small lively minnow on the noodle for shallow water applications. The shallow water is dirty and stained which I feel makes a better situation for the hard pounding rattle bait. The deeper 25 fow is clear with great visibility thus making the silver backed Tingler a better choice. I like to free spool the bait allowing it to fly way off the cone of the Marcum and then dragging it back into the cone angle. Sometimes the rod tip loads up before you can even see the bait again. When a school comes in the dead stick offers another chance at bonus fish as perch are notorious for being here and gone when ice fishing.

– Looks like a break in the weather is on the way and hopefully gradual warm up is in our future. Looking forward to March and fishing outside with the sun on my back in the company of good fishing friends and family. This last picture is of my biggest eye for 2014 thus far didn’t weight her taped at 28.75 and 17.5 girth and let her swim. Love watching a fish come up the hole and fill it up. Fish like this keep me getting up at my usually 0500 wake up time I have become so accustomed to. Give me a jingle or drop a PM if your gonna be out in the area. – QB

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Quintin Biermann

A master of the shallow-water, flat-land bites of South Dakota’s Glacial Lakes and Prairie Region, Quintin Biermann, or QB as he’s known to friends, lists the walleye as he’s favorite species. “Mostly because of the savvy it takes to catch Full Bio ›


  1. Here is one the pictures I snagged from the GTG. I know a few of the guys took there own. I think windchills approached negative 25 Saturday. Friday Chris group (Eyeowa was fishing with me we caught I think close to 50 eyes with catch and release for the 8 of us. Other groups fising Friday I believe ground out some walleyes for the fryer. Saturday the eyes were not cooperating so we moved and fished 3 different lakes. Towards night a lot of guys on Waubay were getting some lit up screens of perch moving through plenty of releasing of small fish, and a nice mess of fish for the pail as well. I think everyone had a good time, not much you can do about weather. – QB

  2. It’s always blast when we can make the trip up and get together QB. Thank goodness for insulated Otter’s when the temps are running negative the entire trip although a steady walleye bite keeps the blood pumping and fingers warm!
    Let’s hope the mercury swings the other way in March and we can get out and do some hole hopping!

  3. You boys had a heckuva good time it looks like. And Quintin, nice eye, that fish was girthy! Congrats on the great stuff, and thanks for sharing the details that helped make it happen.


  4. Nice report! Hope to make it back up for some hot March perch fishing, hole hopping, and like you said sun on my back!

  5. I sure do miss the good perch fishing we had here in MN a few short years ago. Looks like its time to buy a season non-resident license for SD. Nice fish and great report.

  6. The crew will be there on Thursday, weather looks good, pm me if you’re around we got a big steak with your name on it. Staying at the big house behind the cafe. We are heading home after a few hours if fishing in Monday.

  7. I was once told…and I think it was you QB.. that SD is just as close as the far North Woods from my place…

    I will no doubt get out there next ice season for sure !!!

    Looks like a Great Feb for you !!!

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