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Zumbro river musky

  • Brendan Andrews
    Posts: 19

    Glad to say after almost 2 years of trying I caught my first zumbro musky. Didn’t have a real tape so I had to mark it on my rod, somewhere between 40-42. Water temps were 38-39 on Sunday so I spent a few hours vertical jigging with bondy baits and big lipless cranks with no success. I had been marking all my fish between 20 and 30 fow in the deepest part of the pool. I got bored so I tied on a 1/4 ounce black and gold bucktail jig and tipped it with a 4 or 5 inch sucker to see what I could catch, and second cast this guy hit. One hell of a fight on a medium light walleye rod with 8 lbs braid to a 10lbs floro leader. I’m going to try to get out one more time before the season ends the end of this month and let a sucker soak in this hole for awhile, hopefully I have some more pictures to share. I also got 7 walleye in about 30 minutes dragging a black and silver marabou jig with a fathead in 3-8 fow in current seams, this bite should last all the way through winter as long as the river stays ice free. Let me know if you guys have been fishing the pool below the dam at all.

    1. 16EFCBDB-6679-4825-841D-A0EBEAA37437.jpeg

    2. 351B8BFB-9917-4D0C-803A-C12AD394ACE0.jpeg

    3. 54540B94-6E89-46A9-9648-D9A87C454108.jpeg

    Tom Sawvell
    Posts: 9559

    That’s a nice river musky. Congrats. The waldos look like decent fish as well for that water. How did you access the plunge pool? Thru the campground? Pay to launch?

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
    Posts: 1067

    Thats awesome I have always wanted to catch a river Ski! Granted the Mississippi isnt too far from me….. Great fish!

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 2427

    Nice job. I have caught some on that river but it can be tough.

    SE MN
    Posts: 3218

    Nice! So that’s where all the walleye went! I’ve fished the lake last 4 years trying to prove that there are walleye still there and finally got one 2 years ago. Nice ski too!

    Brendan Andrews
    Posts: 19

    Thanks for the replies, I put in at Max’s park place. I know first hand that there have been multiple fish over 50 caught in the river. I’m going to try to get out on the river more next year hopefully if we don’t get as much rain as this year, would be truely special to get a trophy out of the zumbro as I grew up fishing the lake. I get the feeling that with the water being over the top of the dam all year that most of the walleye left in the lake probably took the jump and ended up in the river. A friend of mine got a 28” in a pool by Hammond so I know there is trophy potential for eyes as well as skis

    Tom Sawvell
    Posts: 9559

    That whole river from the dam to the Miss is a treasure trove of fishing. The stretch between Z Falls and Hammond has given up some of the 50 inch skis you refer to and is where I would focus on when its a bit warmer.

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