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Zumbro river catfish

  • Brendan Andrews
    Posts: 19

    Finally got out on the river yesterday for the first time this year due to the high water. I was fishing between the dam and zumbro falls. The water is still high and off color but with my trolling motor on high I could get up stream. Got a couple smallmouth and probably a 5lbs channel cat. I haven’t caught a cat in years and forgot how much fun they are to catch. Anyone have experience with fishing cats on the river? Not looking for any honey holes or anything just would like some input on what people have had success with and what kind of quality is in the river.

    Tom Sawvell
    Posts: 9559

    That’s a nice catfish for the fry pan. You can find both channels and flatheads in the river below the dam since it flows into the Mississippi and catfish are very mobile and at home in a water the size of the Zumbro.

    Above the power dam, Lake Zumbro has a decent catfish population. Expect 2 to 5 pound fish there if you go to chase them. Right now the water is quite clean….free of contaminants, so what you catch is good eating. I’d lean towards the two pounders for the best eating.

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