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X-C skiis, where to buy

  • crawdaddy
    St. Paul MN
    Posts: 824

    I’m looking at getting a pair of classic skis as I live right by some nice trails. I skied back in the day, but donated all my old gear to a high school ski team a few years ago. Any recommendations for good shops in the MN metro? I’m just looking for a standard pair, nothing fancy. Thanks in advance.

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    Joes sporting goods right there by you in St Paul,

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    pinewskis in Anoka is another good shop.

    Ralph Wiggum
    Maple Grove, MN
    Posts: 11263

    Pioneer Midwest in Osseo is awesome. Strictly an XC ski shop (and canoes in the summer). They’re extremely helpful.

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    I’ve found some good skis at Play it Again Sports. I also bought a pair on Ebay.

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    Joe’s is pretty good and if they have what you want, they do some winter clearances early enough in the season that you still get a month or so of use out of them. I find that they’re ski shop is more into alpine skiing though (they are my go to for downhill skis).

    Pioneer Midwest in Osseo is phenomenal. They are all about XC skis and will cater all the way from beginners to the top Birkie skiers. I’ve bought a few sets of skis from them. Finn Sisu in Lauderdale also has a really good shop as well.

    Hudson, Wi/Aitkin Co
    Posts: 1450

    Probably more racing oriented but if you go to Finn Sisu you can talk saunas while you’re there.

    Joe’s should be worth looking into. Hoigaard’s is another name.

    Gary M
    Posts: 65

    Got mine at Gear West

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    Good will or Play it again. You wont feel guilty when you dont use them and you can just slap them on a smitty sled.

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