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  • Dusty Gesinger
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    Never been to Devil’s lake, always wanted to. Usually have a bigger group of friends and family go up to LOW, thinking about trying woodland this year, anyone with any experience at Woodlands or any info at all is appreciated probably shooting for early March.

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    We’ve gone three times now; once in the day ice houses with a little success and twice with the Perch Patrol and did excellent! All three times were in January. We also stayed for the week of July 4th a couple of years ago and had a great time too! The food was always great in the restaurant.

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    We went to Devils the weekend before last. It was a blast. I put in at woodland resort 2 of the 3 days but didn’t stay there. Everyone around there is super knowledgable about the lake. The bait shop is the place to go for fishing advice. I ended up not using anything they told me but it was still nice to have a backup plan in case I couldn’t get other things to work. Everyone there is super friendly and it seems like a great place to stay.

    I can vouch for their food at the restaurant/bar. Pretty dang good burger, but that could’ve been just because I was starving since I didn’t eat all day till about 7 pm…

    Only fished it once in the winter and we didn’t do very well. February/March is kind of the dead sea everywhere it seems for walleye. Maybe you’ll have better luck than we did!

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    Been going out there most every year since 1997. Woodland is the only place I stay. Kyle and his family/crew do a fantastic job with the resort and they are all great people. They offer a few options for big groups, I can recommend the “Grand” cabins right on the lakefront. Have never iced fished the lake, but will one of these years. We would normally go out in August/September.

    Dusty Gesinger
    Minnetrista, Minnesota
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    Thanks guys, we were looking into the suites and the meeting room for playing cards, talking smart, very excited for this trip.

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    I’ve been there 3 times, twice in January, once in March. Stayed at Woodland each time and the accommodations are great. Stayed in one of the small cabins ones, the motel another time and then a lodge unit last time

    One thing to think about is the cancellation policy, much different than a hotel. I believe theirs is 60 day notice.

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    Woodland is easily the best resort I’ve ever stayed at. Awesome staff and Kyle is an incredibly nice person that’s willing to help in any way possible. The suites are roomy and comfortable. They have the sportsman in mind with the large table and area for hanging and drying fishing gear/clothes.

    Dusty Gesinger
    Minnetrista, Minnesota
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    Thanks! All great information!

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