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  • Justin Schneider (Woods & Water Insurance)
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    Anyone have a reccomendation on a quality entry level women’s bow? Wife is expressing interest in the video hunts and 3D target shoots so I’d like to pick something up for her to let her try it out and see where it goes.

    Part of me wants to go out and buy her a high end women’s bow like a Mathews or Bowtech but I think it would be smart to start off with the next step down to make sure she likes it before investing that much money.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I bought my wife a Diamond Infinite, she just comes out and shoots with me on occasion, nothing real serious. Its made by bowtech and you can adjust the weight and draw length so much on it. Cabela’s has them on sale right now for just over 400 which includes the bow all set up, arrows, tips, and a rest. Its cheaper stuff that you could always swap out as she gets more interested or loses a bunch of cheap arrows. You can just get the bow set up as well.

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    Justin head over to A-1 in Hudson they will be able to help you out. You can then choose from low end to high end but they are great for kids and women just starting to shoot. This way she can shoot a few different bows and have a better idea what she will like and not like.

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    The Gf shoots a diamond infinite edge. Solid bow and extremely adjustable for draw length and weight.

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    My boys have the Diamond Infinite Edge and the Mission Craze. I think the Mission is the nicer of the two.

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    Hmmmm thought pug was getting into bow hunting.

    Justin Schneider (Woods & Water Insurance)
    Hugo, MN
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Ended up settling in on the Infinite Edge from Bowtech. Wife shot it today and liked it plus with the Labor Days sales going on I ended up getting it for $289 out the door which made it a no brainer.

    Ryan Hughes
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    That is a good place to start. My wife started with the diamond razor edge a few years back then got hooked and dropped some coin into it and is now shooting a nicer bow than me! Her current bow is a Hoyt Carbon Element that has been taken apart and custom dipped piece by piece (everything from the riser to the cams, sight, quiver and everything in between) in pink muddy girl camo. Pretty crazy looking bow when you see it in person! Here is a picture of her mule deer from this year with it in the foreground.

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