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  • rugs
    Hastings, MN
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    Looking to get out on the ice this weekend with the portable. Will be walking out which I expect will be a bit of a chore dragging the 2 man loaded with gear through the snow. Don’t want to have to walk toooo far. Would like to keep the drive around an hour or less from Hastings.

    I was thinking of going to Bayport and hitting the Criox. Never ice fished it before. Anyone know how long of a walk it would be? My other thought was Tonka.

    Where would you go?

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    Everts is about a half hour from you and I’m going to bet you will catch more fish than from any hole in the ice around.

    Not exactly what you’re looking for huh.

    Hastings, MN
    Posts: 132

    While I love to brave the elements, with a high of 5 on Sat. I think I will need to be in an enclosure with the Big Buddy pumping. My hands can only take the open water fishing down to about20 or 30 depending on the wind.

    Cottage Grove, MN
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    Hey Rugs, what about your hood? Rebbecca? Vermilion?

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