What will you be fishing for on the opener?

  • aaron
    Chippewa Falls, WI
    Posts: 124

    What species will you be targeting for this year WI Fishing Opener on Lake Wissota?

    IGH, MN/Holcombe, WI
    Posts: 587

    I’ll be on Lake Holcombe. Good Luck and Be safe everyone!

    New Richmond, Wi
    Posts: 724

    Anyone else heading for wissota? I’ll be up the river.

    Chippewa Falls, WI
    Posts: 124

    The weather managed to limite my time on the water this weekend. I did see a number of league anglers trying to put something together for Tue night. I hope they had more luck then I did. Managed a few walleye and pike on the troll and better luck on the cast. Water temps topped at 67 Friday night and 62 was the warmest I could find on Saturday. Typical spring pattern. Warmer the water the more active fish you would find. And that is all I will say until Tuesday See ya on the water CVWalleye Members

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