Lower Dells 4-10-14

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    Hit the lower dells yesterday afternoon and evening fishing until around 10:00 p.m. I started around 3:00 vertical jigging in deeper current seams between 12-20 fow. Picked up one 14″ sauger right away but then nothing. I then tried pulling 3 ways with both minnows and stick baits but no takers.

    After that I fished the reamining time in 2′ to 12′ deep current seams, back eddies and flooded brush from the dam down to Rivers edge. Managed 5 more fish between 13″ & 15″ with several short bites just pulling your plastic down.
    I tried many colors but all fish caught ended up coming on Chart/firecracker paddletails except one that fell for a black zip bait. Tried stick baits right at and after dark but no takers. There was lots of floating trash and debris on the waters surface at the eddies and seams that I wanted to pitch to making for a lot of tough fishing.

    I spoke to two other boats that were out all day and both stated they caught a few in the morning but otherwise it was a very tough day. I think the recent sudden rise has them a little shook up but this won’t last long, especially since it’s been up for a couple of days already. Ended up with 3 fish before dark and 3 fish after dark.

    Last night wasn’t that good for me but it is prime time and would not miss any oportunities to get out on the water right now. The most important tip right now is get out of the current!

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    Thanks for the report. I was in the area yesterday too, so I had lunch at Rivers Edge, and drove around the area a bit.

    One of these days I’ve got to bring my boat along and try my luck.


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