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Wolf river ice fishing

    New Richmond, Wi
    Posts: 724

    I’m heading that way tonight. We plan on fishing there tomorrow. Not sure of the exact location (were fishing with a local). I think in the Fremont area. Anyone know of the ice conditions? Is it open water? And any tips would be appreciated thanks.

    Minocqua, Wisconsin
    Posts: 3842

    I read today on LL that the river is mostly ice covered with very small spots of open water in Fremont. wolf river.fremont


    Chuck Melcher
    SE Wisconsin, Racine County
    Posts: 1890

    Been a couple weeks since I was through there, but even at that time, it seems like most fish off back channels or slews vs the main river…. and I heard there was a lot of good ice in those areas. Good luck.

    New Richmond, Wi
    Posts: 724

    Thanks for the replys. I’ll hopefully have a report on Sunday night.

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