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“Bago” report 1-6 / 1-7

  • dinkgofish
    Neenah, WI
    Posts: 31

    I got out of work on fri at noon and was on Bago at 1:00 pm. I finally got onto some ice here around home. I have been taking trips north to find better ice conditions. You are pretty much confined to the ice in and around the bays (west side) here on Bago 4″-6″ of ice. My goal was to find some perch/gills crusing the flats in one of the bays. I started in 4ft of water and worked my out a to a point in 7ft and I had found a good pod of fish in the area of the point. Switching between a frosty spoon and a glow fiska “gobbed” with maggots I was putting 8-10 maggots on, any thing less was not working as good. I was able to pull a mix bag thru the ice white bass, crappie and alot of perch. Ended up keeping 5 perch 8.5-9″ not bad for a few hours.
    Saturday morning found me over the same hole and it was lights out from the get go. The perch were on fire! I was using the same baits, but the spoon was getting the bigger fish. I did try minnow heads also I could not get them to eat that at all. I don’t know if it was me or the fish, but they would inhale that hook full of maggots. I had to get the fish to come up off the bottom for the bait to eat. After 3 hrs of cathching perch of all sizes, I had kept enough for a meal and to drop off a bag of fish for granny. Biggest was just shy of 10″, sorry no pics of catch.
    Cooler temps are on there way!!

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 12948

    Way to go on hammering those perch! I’ve been still waiting on the “hard freeze” for getting up on the reefs. Thanks for the update

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