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Who’s bear hunting this year?

  • TH
    Posts: 234

    Went and got a 55 gallon drum of granola yesterday and some other goodies. Can’t wait to get bait and cameras up. Hunting my own land in MN area 45.

    Hudson, Wi
    Posts: 3236

    I got my bait going in the Cumberland WI last weekend. Can’t wait to check it out tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

    Gitchi Gummi
    Posts: 1723

    I wish I was bear hunting this year. 2 more years until I’ll have enough points to draw a tag.

    Keep the updates coming. I will live vicariously through you and your bear hunt

    Tom P.
    Whitehall Wi.
    Posts: 3266

    My nephew is up North this weekend running dogs during training season ( Wisconsin ), haven`t heard from him if they ran anything.

    Posts: 800

    Yep will be up near mcgregor

    Red Eye
    Posts: 791

    TH you stole my zone 45 tag. Lol. Buddy drew a tag though so at least I get to do some baiting and cam checking.

    SW Metro
    Posts: 7923

    I’ll be in 51 for the first time ever. I started a new thread for recommendations, so I didn’t hijack this one. Let me know what I need to know! lol

    Posts: 234

    Red Eye,

    I kept applying for points. I had points 7 this year, I don’t think I stole anyone’s tag. LOL. I last hunted in 2016 with a surplus tag. That year I stole someone’s tag. Got a 400 lb boar!

    cold spring mn
    Posts: 7903

    yyea i wont be hunting either this year. i probably wont get drawn for another 2 years!!!

    i hunt zone 27 !!!!!!!!1 in minnesota!

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