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What's my boat worth?

  • Tom Anderson
    Kasson, MN
    Posts: 138

    Hey guys, I’m in the process of buying a new to me boat and I could use some help pricing mine. The boat is a 2002 crestliner fish hawk 1650 single console. The motor is a 2003 2 stroke 70 hp Yamaha. It has a shorelander roller trailer with led lights. It will be sold with a humminbird 798 on the console, side and down imaging, some kind of depth finder on the bow (not sure which one I’ll put up there yet), 70 pound minnkota powerdrive on the bow, travel cover, spare tire and spare prop. The boat is in really good shape with very little use. Please help me put a price on this. Thanks in advance.

    Posts: 7348

    Markets vary, but IMO $8k is about asking price. Not necessarily purchase, but a good starting point with those electronics and TM helping. Typically see smaller poundage TM on boats with single sonar. Sounds like a very nice setup.

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 1403

    Make sure to check engine compression.

    Tom Anderson
    Kasson, MN
    Posts: 138

    Thanks for your input!

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    A friend of mine just sold a similar boat… 2003 1650 Fish Hawk SC & 75 Yamaha 4 stroke. Terrova 80 lb and two large graphs. He got $9200 (it was listed awhile) so I’m thinking $7500-$8000 sounds about right for yours.

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