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What do you do with a mangey coyote?

  • jwellsy
    Posts: 920

    When you kill one with mange do you still take it home, leave it lay, bury it or what?

    What do you do with ones that have a good coat, cape it out and toss the carcass, take the ears or whatever for a reward?

    Posts: 7348

    I just deleted the pic of my phone not to long ago of someones mangey yote they trail cam’d on here some time ago. Showed so many people that thought it literally was straight from hell.

    StillwaterMN/Ottertail county
    Posts: 4406

    I wouldn’t even touch it. Put gloves on and bury it. The good ones I take to the fir buyer. They are not worth a lot, but it’s something and if I get a few it’s worth the trip.

    404 ERROR
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    I shot one about 5 years ago in WI. It was so haunting looking that I still get goosebumps when I think about it. It had almost no hair left on it’s body…Called the land owner and he came out and burned the carcass on the property. Didn’t shoot a deer that year, but seeing that on Thanksgiving morning was enough. I imagine burying the carcass is another good option, I would not leave it lay if there are any pets or dogs nearby that can come in contact.

    St. Paul, MN
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    I touch them as little as possible to drag them out to a road, and then we have a remote spot where the landowner has given us permission to bury them or dump them if the ground is frozen. I do what we can to prevent the spread, but with coyotes tending to interact with each other, I don’t think what we do with the dead ones plays a large role. Best thing we can do is shoot them and get them out of the pack.


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    Burn it

    Tom Sawvell
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    Coming home from the gun club in Chatfield last Friday I came across a red fox that was largely bald with what looked like wet sores on it. I stopped to load the muzzy but the fox decided it was time to go. I’m certain that this was viral mange and would have been a great animal to get out of circulation. I’d encounter an animal like this once in a while back in the early 70’s when I hunted fox big time and we’d leave’em where they hit the dirt. I had a hard time picking one up, even with gloves, if it showed any signs of topical mange even. Viral mange is nothing a person wants to come in contact with ever.

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 12962

    Burn the mangy ones and pelt out the good ones.

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