Water level update 7-4-22

  • Dutchboy
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    Summary of NOAA/NWS flood updates for Rainy Lake …
    * Rainy Lake is expected to decline 12-14 inches between July 4 and July 11. Rainy is down 18 inches since the crest on June 15th, and may return to normal levels by early to mid-August based on historical data.
    * Namakan and Kabetogoma lakes have dropped 48 inches since peaking on May 31 and are now below IJC regulated levels. Outflow will be reduced this week to hold the lake levels steady.

    Ron S
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    Thanks Dutch. Current plan is to head up 7/16 and was hoping you’d give an update. Really appreciate it. Never fished it before but it always looked intriguing when I drove by on my way to Lake St Joe.

    Victoria, mn
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    I got an email today from the NPS cancelling my campsite reservation. All Rainy Lake campsite closures are extended to July 15, as well as the Rainy Lake visitor center boat ramp and lower parking area.

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    Thanks Dutch, heading up Wednesday to Sunday and can’t wait!

    Wayne Daul
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    Thanks for the update. I’m heading up July 11th and looking forward to close to normal water levels. Looks like shore lunch may still be a problem.


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    Wayne the water finally is about off the outdoor deck at Thunderbird.

    Southcentral MN
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    Curious what the water surface temps are hovering around right now? Some of my family members leave for a week at LaBelle’s on Friday/Saturday.

    Cloquet, MN
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    Thanks for the update. I’m heading up July 11th and looking forward to close to normal water levels.


    That’s just not gonna happen. Here Kettle Falls hotel trail up from Rainy a couple of hours ago.
    If you’ve ever walked the boardwalk from the docks to the hotel the water is at the top of the boardwalk.

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