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Warrior live well recirc. Valve?

  • Mike
    Posts: 16

    Before I contact my dealer with this question…. which he already explained to me and I still have questions….could someone explain to my the operation of the red aerator valve inside the livewell. I understand there are 2 positions, one position recirculates water, and one position pumps water out. I believe positions are changes by either pulling or twisting the valve….but I could be wrong. I don’t want to force this and break the valve.

    Also, I believe the witness valve, also in the livewell is the input, or aeration valve. Is this correct? I’m not seeing much info in my owners manual about these valves and any info is appreciated. Thx. Thanks

    Posts: 5846

    The red valve is a simple push pull system. It’s either adding water or pumping it out the side. Which usually there is not much need for to pump out the side as once you close off the intake it will drain out the back. Or I guess in this case open the actual valve and shut down the pump.

    You are correct on the second question. Don’t worry to much you will figure it out on the water.

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