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water levels?

  • bigesox
    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 309

    How is the Wapsi running these days? The Cedar is high, but clear same for the Wapsi? I like fishing the Wapsi, but I don’t see it every day like I do the Cedar. Any report would be appreciated.

    East Central Iowa
    Posts: 38

    I would say it is at normal levels currently, but it will soon be getting to low water levels making it hard to get boats in many areas.

    Here is a website that is really helpful for checking water levels.

    Wapsi River Level at Independence

    The catfish and smallmouth bite recently has been hot.

    Iowa City, Iowa
    Posts: 390

    Here’s another link to flows on the wapsi that i use for just about every river around.

    Eastern Iowa
    Posts: 23

    Also, USGS does the majority of stream gauging in Iowa
    and most other states. Use the following link to
    go to their site(s). Substitute the 2-letter state
    abbrev for the state of choice

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 309

    Thanks guys. Those links help. Now everything is running high and muddy. Fish should be happy all year long with the water levels we have currently.

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