Want To Trade for boat

  • tanner voeller
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    looking to see if anyone would be interested in trading a fishing boat for my tractor.

    estimated value from minnesota equipment is 11-13k. Minnesota equipment said they would give me 11k trade-in. so private party is at 12-13k

    Machine is a 2003 john deere 2210. 509 hours, 210 loader with (750 pound lifting) capacity. 60 inch mowing deck, 4×4 with locking diff. mid and rear pto, rear 3 point hitch, everything works as it should.

    1. B88EA55E-CA6F-49CF-A1FC-C9E78D2A4F74.jpeg

    2. 0058821F-888A-4346-9C7B-5543CF526EC9.jpeg

    3. 858DC47D-BF22-4EC1-B7C8-C867E9942E95.jpeg

    4. 517623F1-49D2-46FA-8696-244F274C5D72.jpeg

    5. 494889E6-87BF-475D-BE5F-94B87FBF74D8.jpeg

    6. AFB4A4F3-D843-4290-9E0E-63AC9061A936.jpeg

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