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    Wanted to get an idea of what you veterans prefer when it comes to fishing fall plastics? Do you prefer the ringworm or the grub or even paddle tail? Does it make a difference whether your pitching or going vertical? Just trying to get some feedback as to what works, when and why you use one over the other.

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    I actually prefer to have 3-4 colors in ring worms, and superdoo’s, Personally. Chart. pepper, firecracker, Stuart “pro blue”, I like the orange and chart tail one too. I think it’s just as important to have a good variety of jig heads, weights and colors. I run some paddletails too, rarely do I personally toss grubs, but I don’t doubt their effective.

    Then I add whatever Dean tells me I need

    Now I wouldn’t call myself a pro, I’ve still had more day bad than good, but I’ve had some good days out there.

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    What a loaded question. I carry a boatload of plastics and use one heck of a lot of them on any given day. Last weekend I caught fish on ringworms and paddletails. I probably cycled through 8 to 10 colors of each. When the plastic bite really takes off then Super Doos will be added to the mix for vertical jigging. It is amazing how color selective walleye can be at times. I think I have had good days with about every color ringworm made. I started out getting a few “hot” colors and just bought a few packs of different ones every time I went to Evert’s till I had them all. Relatively painless way to ensure I am covered no matter what color is hot!

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    Like redneck mentioned before you just never know. Myself I have 2 1/2 rubbermaid totes of plastics. If you stop into Everts and talk with dean he should be able to give you a pretty good start to what you need. Once you get them just buy a few packs each time until you have most things covered. Here is what i would start with


    chart. pepper
    firecracker chart tail
    purple or purple chart tail


    Chart pepper
    silver glitter

    Paddle tails

    same as ringies but add catalpa orange chart tail


    black and silver
    chart pepper
    cotton candy

    that is what i would start with then keep adding everytime.

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    From my time on the water these are the colors I would go with.

    purple/chartreuse tail
    firecracker/chartreuse tail
    chartreuse pepper
    oyster shell

    Paddle tails;
    Chartreuse pepper
    purple/white tail
    pro blue
    firecracker/chartreuse tail
    oyster shell

    pearl blue S/P
    Chartreuse pepper
    cotton candy
    Oh, and probably another firecracker .

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    My list is pretty similar to everyone elses but I would add Chartreuse Pearl to the K-Grub list. For vertical jigging I usually start with super doos or paddle tails and let the fish decide. Their shorter profile allows them to remain more horizontal in the zone, although like I mentioned, if the fish aren’t reacting change it up. A regular or shortened ring worm can be VERY effective at times.

    For pitching or dragging it’s anything and everything including paddle tails. For some reason I haven’t pitched doos for eyes much, but have had some great success casting them for smallmouth. All I know is I need to get out there!!

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