Walleye Patterns in August?

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    I will be on the East side of the lake from 8/10 to 8/17. I have only fished eyes on Vermilion in May. Are fish spread all over like in other lakes this time of year? What techniques would you recommend. I have everything from bobbers to leadcore at my disposal.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Chris Messerschmidt
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    I would say use it all. The bite was VERY difficult this past weekend for he tournament. I would say, bobbers, leadcore, lindy rigging and jig and minnow all produced. It is just finding the active schools.

    Not hard to find massive schools of walleye, but getting them to go was the difficult part. The ones we did catch were filling my livewell of little 1-1.5′ minnows.

    Between Pool 2 and Pool 4
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    How’s it going up there so far?

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    Fishing was tough. Mostly smaller fish. I’ve never marked so many fish on my electronics that didn’t want to bite. We caught fish doing a little bit of everything… Rigging and bobbers were the best. Leadcore produced nothing. We caught more than enough for a fish-fry so not all was lost.

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    Try any jigging raps? I like mixing these in, I think you get some bigger fish and different fish than that ones that want a slower presentation.

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