• Michael Saal
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    Aquatic Arts bait shop in Tomahawk posted on their Facebook page that they were shut down today. Here’s the post. Well we were just shut down for 30 days, we are not allowed to sell live bait or anything as a drive up service at all even though we do not let customers in the store but the bars, restaurants and fast food places can do it. So someone wants some bait to go fishing to forget about all the worries and relax for awhile I think that we offer a necessity for that reason.
    We will keep everyone posted as to when we can open again

    Michael Saal
    Merrill, Wi
    Posts: 613

    Happy to report that Aquatic Arts is able to sell bait again

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    waytogo go fishing!

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    That’s good too hear. I had heard Fat Cat’s in trempeleau had closed because of it. I hope they as well can reopen. Great bait shop and owner. Maybe they did?

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