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Vermilion This Weekend

  • ganderpike
    Posts: 509

    Will be up for a little cast and blast. Looks like a cold front should time it well. Assuming I can stay warm, anyone have any guesses on quality of fishing? I will be planning on jigs and suckers, lindy’s and leadcore if need be. Guessing water temps dip into high 40’s. Otherwise I should have enough 20 ga to harass the grouse. Thanks for the input!

    Hudson, Wi
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    Was up there this past weekend. Had temps from mid 55’s to mid 56’s around the east side. Not sure if you will see high 40s by the weekend. I was after muskies so can’t help with the walleyes.

    North branch, mn
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    I’m going to guess the bite will be decent up there with the cold front coming in. I can honestly say I’m jealous. I wish I was going up.

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    Was up there last weekend. I did well on Walleye on top of reefs with slip bobbers evening/into dark. Was mainly after muskies though, and did not do well there.

    Posts: 509

    Thanks for the insight guys. I am most familiar with the haunts around Ely Island, probably gonna see if I can whack a few there and then head to the Wakemup area for size. Hoping jigging raps fire them up to avoid dipping my hands in the bait bucket. Will throw a report up next week.

    Minocqua, WI
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    I’ve done two of the Dr. Sonar classes up there during the last week in September and while this is late October, I’m betting the lake is setting up very close to the same right now.

    We used to find the majority of our fish on the locator at the bottom of the break, basically 30′ and it seemed that our best ploy was leadcore. Caught some walleye, but more nice pike… I know the guides that were hired were fishing the hump tops as well.


    Posts: 509

    Good to know MBenson. Im guessing it shouldn’t be overly difficult to find the fsih, getting them to bite is usually the dealbreaker. Ill throw what I got at them. Hoping I can find some shallow, I know how to play with those a bit better. Just not sure if shallow on vermilion means rocks or sand.

    Posts: 40

    Gander, I posted a report from last weekend in the reports thread. We did most of our damage near where you’re talking. If wind allows you to stay on fish you can hammer them. Jig and minnow mainly this time of year. Do know that many people use jigging raps-I just prefer live bait. And you don’t need to go west for big fish…

    Also if you’re catching small ones in a spot, MOVE!!!

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