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    Been told dogs go down for 5 minutes or so after a shot. Maybe someone that has can speak to that.

    Last 2 times I shot pdogs, we started with rimfires, then switched over to the AR’s and bolt guns. Kept the further portions of the towns up and active while we focused on the closer targets.

    Next time we go, we’ll all be shooting suppressed, and there will be a $500 side pot for farthest hit with a suppressed .22lr subsonic. mrgreen

    What would you consider a lot of shots in one day?

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    200 shots with centerfire rifle would be a good amount of shooting on private land.
    We only hunt public land, but have found an area that doesn’t get much pressure. I think on the last trip I took 1000 rounds of .22lr, 1000 rounds of .223, and 160 rounds of 6.5 creed. Shot all of the creed, maybe half the .22lr, and maybe 300 rounds of .223? That was 2 half days and 1 full day of shooting. I like stretching out my rimfire guns, it’s fun when there’s little to no wind. Guys I know that are way more into it than me expect to shoot 200 rounds per day of centerfire, and most don’t even screw around with rimfire.

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    Wasn’t too long ago I had 15,000 acres of private with pdogs in the millions.
    I’m a mobile pdog hunter, progressing through the fields throughout the day with backpack, rifle rest, and chair keeping shots under 200yds and hit rates high. With my bolt gun 600 rds of 223 was not hard to do… keeping your barrel from melting was hardest part. Could shoot way more if you didn’t care about your rifle overheating.
    Now, those 15,000 acres are poisoned. Maybe 400 rats remain as of last year.
    It was a 5 year decline due to poisoning on the 5,000 acre land, so I got access to neighbors 10k. Well, the neighbors who poisoned convinced the neighbor who didn’t and last year we arrived to see it wiped out. I had 2,000 rds for 3 days and came home with 1,600… most of those 400 were mag dumped in frustration. cry

    Ahh, the days. If I get time this year, will be some days on the road finding new property.

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