Upper Red – Rescue in Progress

  • James Holst
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    So if the IDO crew was out there should make for an interesting episode coming up.

    Just looking at the photos from the IDO FB page, sure don’t look like they are fishing Red for this week’s show… coffee


    FYI This week’s show is on Red.

    I posted additional info regarding ice conditions on Red and what transpired yesterday here https://www.in-depthoutdoors.com/community/forums/topic/red-lake-ice-predictions/

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    I heard this on the national CBS radio news at 5:00 pm.

    From the article posted above:
    Outfitters on Upper Red Lake say shifting winds Monday afternoon quickly made for dangerous conditions.
    Picture is from the weather history from the Waskish Muni weather station. Not much of a wind shift. SE to SSE. Yes that would put more stress on the ice but going out with a southerly wind on early ice when the entire lake is not iced up is stupid. It’s the outfitters/resorts faults. Money grab. Not many non-private accesses on the south shore. Dumb Sh!ts.

    You should probably do a little more research than national CBS news. whistling

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    I did. I read the entire article that is linked in the beginning of this thread. I listened to the same guide on the radio twice and looked up the winds from yesterday.

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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Ripjiggen wrote:</div>
    Bearcat is probably still out there camping.

    It is possible!

    We were up there. No rescue needed. Use your brains, pretty simple. Didn’t see any emergency no panic. And lots of fish to be caught

    Michael Best
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    How is it the resorts fault? They didn’t make anyone go out there.

    How about people take responsibility for their own actions. They choose to pay for the access. They choose to go out on early ice. Venture out at your own risk it’s pretty simple.

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    I would say it’s nobodies fault a crack happened it was bridged by the resort. (Thank you JR’s.) and everyone walked off without issue.

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    Well from the sounds of things we’ll be taking out wheelers tomorrow after all. Not being able to camp on the ice is gonna be a bit cumbersome, but given the alternative of no fishing at all, I’ll take it.

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    We are heading up late next week (Thursday). We are hoping we will be on the ice in a small 4 man single axle shack towed by a ranger. Some accesses are letting out wheelers this weekend to specific areas and are measuring 8-9″ of ice with spots of 4-5 inches. Last year we were out with that setup on 12″.

    The weather looks good once we get through the winds today. Lots of hours in the single digits and low teens could build ice in a hurry next week.

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    How is it the resorts fault? They didn’t make anyone go out there.

    The resorts are allowing people to access the lake from their property. They aren’t letting trucks out yet because it’s not safe. Should they let someone venture out at their own risk with a truck? With the south wind and the lake not locked up there was a good chance the ice would break free somewhere.

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    no rescue operation but…..sounds like there having ice issues in front of westwinds!!!!!!

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