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Twins Offseason Smoke and Mirrors

  • Brittman
    Posts: 494

    Twins have had two consecutive below .500 seasons.

    Yes year one (2019) in the new regime was solid … followed by a nice covid shortened season (which was sure nice and needed during that draconian time in MN).

    But if the Twins have three consecutive years below .500 then the Twins analytics are flawed and owners should move on.

    Posts: 5790

    Correa situation was unique. He took a one year deal to secure a long term deal the following year. No top of the rotation pitcher is going to do that.

    Mahtomedi, MN
    Posts: 7174

    Twins have reportedly made multiple offers to Correa. Which makes me feel like they are no where near what he wants (not surprisingly). The interesting thing about the report was that the Twins apparently have Xander Bogaerts penciled in as a backup plan. I would be ok with that but they better not screw around with Correa if they want to be in on Bogaerts.

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