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    Good Morning Fellas,

    So I am 2 out of 3 when asking for suggestions on people who do house maintenance, as I have hired a great plumber off this site and also got a great referral for concrete work, so seeing it is abundantly clear I am in need of a new roof in the near future, I was wondering if anyone has a good reference for someone they used recently on the east side of the Twin Cities who is willing to come out and give me a quote for a new roof.

    Thank you for your time


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    I can say who not to use…and that’s Sela. Not happy with them during the process and pretty sure it was subcontracted out.

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    Due to hail damage last year we got our roof done by Perfect Exteriors of MN. They are out of Monticello. I’m sure with the amount of work they had it was subcontracted as well, but I had no complaints at all. I even got them to move up the install date by a week when it was going to be warm. 2 of my neighbors had work done by them as well…after they saw the guy looking at my room every neighbor had the guy look at their roofs lol.

    I called around to several places. Wish I knew who it was, but someone said they stopped by and saw no damage on the roof. My wife works from home due to the pandemic with her office looking out over our driveway…no one came to look at the house at all that day. No idea why he didn’t show up and made up that we had no damage. He lost out on almost $30000 of work. If you’re too busy just tell me, I’ll respect that.

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    I used to work for Eric Ernst at Allied Construction. They are good folks over there and I would recommend them. PM me if you have any additional questions etc on them or anything else.


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    Whoever you use make sure they are local, reputable and insured. There’s a ton of sketchy storm chasers and contractors out there, and I hear the horror stories often. Trinity Exteriors is out of Eden Prairie, and they’ve done a great job for a lot of my clients. Call Kevin at 612-834-1902 or their office 952-920-9520 and he will come out for a free no obligations estimate.

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    I work for a roofing company,p.m. sent

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    Thanks everyone, it has been an education already.

    As a heads up, there is expected to be a shingle shortage by June as 3M stopped making the granulars last year so quite a few suppliers are expected to run out as they are only now being allocated small amounts from 3M. Not enough for demand.


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