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soldTuned Up Custom Precision Noodle w/ a Pflueger Trion reel

  • belgianbuctail
    Posts: 21

    Selling a 30” TUCR Precision Noodle with a Pflueger Trion reel. This combo has been used very little as it was intended to be a hub rod. I spend 90% of my time hole hopping so I am using longer rods and this combo hasn’t been out of the box very often. Asking $120. Willing to meet within the La Crosse area. Prefer not to ship.

    1. F2A8B446-797C-43A2-99C9-FD26483F2185-scaled.jpeg

    2. 1773E6BE-1952-4701-AFEA-24E9CEB7068C-scaled.jpeg

    3. 7E97AE9B-137C-4696-831B-4FDB8BEE698A-scaled.jpeg

    4. 7D6664E1-54B8-40AA-96DE-CB6F5EEC44D0-scaled.jpeg

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