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  • ozzyky
    On water
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    Struggled for the first hour of the day. Then the stream came to life. Biggest fish was a 18 inch bow and a 17 1/2 inch brown. Three of us went through 120 crawlers in about 4 hours. First pic is of my little guys first trip to the stream in the early season the week before opener. He was proud of his turkey feather find. I maybe casted five times. More scouting for the up coming opener, keeping the the little man out of the water and showing him mallards, geese, turkeys and deer. Not bad for being in the woods for only 30 minutes. He was pumped and asks to do it again everyday since. Can’t remember if I was that persistint at age 2?

    Rochester, Mn
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    I’m that excited looking at your pictures too!

    Nice to see you getting your son interested in fishing early. I’ll be looking for the next post showing his catch!

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