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Trout Worm Rig, Fun and Easy

  • Tyler Thimsen
    Posts: 294

    Before I started my youtube channel, I used to fish trout worms A LOT and would go find a couple calmer holes on the river or fish lakes with them. I used to fish them on a tube jig or just hooking them through a mosquito hook and putting some split shot on the line…This worked fairly well, but then I came across this rig my friend showed me, and it worked much better. When fishing trout worms, this became my only way I would rig it. I’ve landed fish everywhere from dinkers to Master Angler trout using this rig! It’s worked well for me anytime the water doesn’t have strong current and not over abundant in vegetation, especially if it isn’t windy.

    Basically a size 4-6 mosquito hook, about 8-10″ of some extra fishing line, and some size 7 split shot. The split shot can change depending on the water you’re fishing. You use the fishing line and tie an off shore swivel knot on your mosquito hook and before cinching all the way down on the knot, you pinch it off with the split shot. I explain and do a demo in the video.

    I’ve been meaning to make this video for a long time and finally got around to it! IF you have time, let me know what you think, otherwise, enjoy the pictures😀🎣

    1. SnapShot4.jpg

    2. SnapShot2.jpg

    3. SnapShot1.jpg

    4. SnapShot0.jpg

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