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Trip Advice

  • jbg1219
    NW Iowa
    Posts: 548

    After a couple years of going ice fishing in SD with a neighbor and our 4 sons, we are looking to head to MN for a weekend. Looking for a good area we have a good chance of finding some panfish (prefer perch or crappie) and can DIY it for the most part. Not opposed to paying a guide, but we have all the gear we need and can stay somewhat mobile with a ranger and a couple atvs as long there is not too much snow. Looking for suggestions on where and when to go. Thanks!

    Cody Meyers
    Posts: 332

    Not sure where you are located, but I’d consider theAlexandria orDetroit Lakes area. Lots of lake options out that way. Otherwise a popular option is to try your luck on Red for a few days and there are plenty of lakes just to the south to try out as well.

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