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  • Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    I wasn’t planning on fishing Monday…I really wasn’t. But the awesome weather and good friends was just too inviting. We ended up with approx 150 crappies in the boat, a LMB and a nice gill, but the fish of the day was Ethan’s fattie pike. How we got him in the boat is beyond me. The 2nd time I netted him (don’t ask), the hook flew out as soon as the beast was in the net. He ended up going 34″, 9lbs 8oz. Biggest fish of Ethan’s life, and I was glad to get him in the boat for him. I hope next time a 40 incher is waiting!

    Posts: 308

    OH it feels good to breathe after the fish is in the net! I bet Ethan was on cloud 9 all day!

    inver grove heights, minnesota
    Posts: 857

    Nice pike there!

    Kearney, Nebraska
    Posts: 73

    Very nice fish!

    DAVE B
    Posts: 6

    Thanks. If if wasn’t for you. Their would not be anyone yapping about the great fishing in Nebraska.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Well thank you. The Nebraska board used to be pretty active, and the last couple of years it’s really dropped off. I sure do think it’d be good if everyone would start posting again. There are a lot of NE guys who read this, but none feel the need to opine. I hope that changes.

    Some of Nebraska’s fishing is spectacular. And some isn’t as good as MN, WI or KS. Just depends where and what you’re after. But there’s no arguing Nebraska does offer a lot of great and diverse opportunities.

    Posts: 45

    I’ll post since went out today – and thanks to Brian for his help, starting to figure out a few things. We caught about 80 today – kept 6 to eat Also bonus was the largemouth that was not expecting.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    I think I may know where you were today….

    Glad you were able to get into some fish. Sure is fun, even if you don’t get a lot of keepers. Just good to get out in the boat when you know time is limited before it freezes up. Lookin like a good week of weather, so I’m guessing those fish will be in some of the same areas for a while. That pike last week sure was a surprise, just like that LMB. Hopin for more…..

    Posts: 100

    Nice picture of a white crappie and black crappie side by side!


    Their would not be anyone yapping about the great fishing in Nebraska.

    Hey, I “yap” about the great fishing in Nebraska all the time! Bauer’s Barbs and Backlashes

    Nebraska Fishing Forecast

    We just need to get more guys talking about it here!

    Daryl Bauer
    Fisheries Outreach Program Manager
    Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
    [email protected]
    Bauer’s Barbs and Backlashes

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