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Friday fishing

  • Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    A regular fish fest in the canal today. Water temp was very warm, 85.5 when I left this afternoon, but the fish were still cooperative. We ended up with about 15 crappies, 14 channels, 2 white bass, 2 walleyes and 2 saugers, including this nice one that went 20 1/2″, 2lbs 9oz. They sure are good looking fish.

    Dad had something hit his crank so hard that when he reeled up, there was nothing left. The crank was gone, and so was the fish. Sure would have liked to see what that was.

    Last week I had a fish on that I could not stop. The hook finally popped free. One of these days I sure hope we get some of these beasts into the boat!

    Not even past the middle of July yet; I wonder how hot the water can get? Sure would be nice if we could get some rain at some point. We definitely need it.

    Kearney, Nebraska
    Posts: 73

    Sauger is on my list of species I haven’t caught that I want to try for soon. You will have to direct me to a spot in the canal system I can try from the bank.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    The checks on the canal system are great places to fish from shore. They will start to pick up a little more when fall approaches. I know Oct can be real good at some checks.

    Posts: 103

    Sure is a good looking fish you got there Brian.

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