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Trampoline leave up or takedown in winter

  • Slipbob nick
    Posts: 109

    Got the little guys a trampoline this year.
    For those that have them do you leave them up or do anything special with them in the winter? I’d rather not take it apart.

    Posts: 253

    The weight of snow on the jump surface can overstretch the springs causing permanent damage. The rest of it will typically be fine.

    Justin Laack
    Posts: 356

    I leave ours up, take the net down and lay on the jump surface. When the snow piles up then I will take the kids plastic shovel and scoop off before it gets to heavy.

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
    Posts: 13028

    Flip it over.

    Karl Hungus
    Carver County, Minnesota
    Posts: 66

    So I take my grandkids down every fall (no dad in the picture). My feeling is water/snow melt/refreeze etc could be a problem as I’ve seen plenty of split pipes/equipment etc over the years from freez/thaw. When I take it apart, water dumps out of the base poles and the round frame (which has the 120 or so grooves for the springs). I’m not sure it’s necessary…just seems like a good idea to me. Takes me about an hour or so each time. Admittedly, it’s not on the top of my hobby list!

    Mound, MN
    Posts: 4672

    I take it down but may opt to flip over in the future.

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