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  • Red Eye
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    I know it’s early yet but this one kinda has me puzzled. I am baiting for a buddy of mine in Minnesota. We baited 3 baits Saturday before noon. I checked baits yesterday afternoon for the first time. None of them were hit. I did pull the cards just to make sure the cams were working. Well to my surprise there was a bear on camera at the bait that I would consider the “best” bait we baited about 10:00am. And at 4:20 the same day we have pics of nice bear. He walks in, leaves, then comes back a few minutes later. Only 4 pictures of him. Never touched the barrel or the logs stuffed in the hole. And hasn’t been back since.
    He was obviously close to find the bait so quickly. Just not sure why he wouldn’t touch the bait or come back at all. Only thing I was thinking is that he was there so quickly and there was just so much human scent left at the site he didn’t like it?
    Any other thoughts?

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    Sartell, MN.
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    You may be correct that it was so close to the setup that there was lots of human scent and that was why he did not eat any bait. It could also be just because he was not hungry. Depending on where you are located there may be lots of Berries right now. I know a few hunters who also are having vary little activity at their bait right now and they believe its due to the amount of berries in the area. You would think a bear would prefer a nice easy meal at a bait setup over all the work to eat berries but who knows. It could be possibly it was a bear just passing through and he’s relocated someplace else by now. Looks like a nice bear. Hopefully he will return.

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    Lots of food available, but he knows it’s there now, so he’ll be back I’m sure!

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    I have one doing the same thing. I’ve even switched bait. I’m using more natural bait and he hit it last night. I’m using granola with honey poured all over it and nuts.

    Don Meier
    Butternut Wisconsin
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    Same thing happened with this guy only night time pics from afew years ago .

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    Alex Fox
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    Whenever we are bear hunting we specifically leave are sweaty shirts behind when we are baiting to get them used to the human smell. I would doubt that’s the issue. I’m guessing it’s more the readily available food out there.

    Central Mn North of the smiley water tower
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    You ever go to the fridge and open it, never take anything, close it and leave. Repeat 1 hour later…..

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