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These are so cool

  • Umy
    South Metro
    Posts: 1281

    My son made these with his 3d printer. The little bases to plug my dewalt batteries and tools into.
    You can make any brand color wise. Helps with organization and my “place for everything and everything in its place” issues.

    1. 7ECD3A2E-5E7D-41E0-955B-DE1F5757153A-scaled.jpeg

    2. B2785432-CC17-4DDF-83E6-DF6DBFA6F4E3-scaled.jpeg

    AK Guy
    Posts: 843

    They are cool. Sure helps in organizing tools.

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 2708

    I keep looking at 3D printers. They are getting very cheap for small ones. (compared to 5 years ago). It would be fun to do some projects like what your son did for you. The local library has a 3D printer that you can book a time to make some small projects for free if someone wants to play before buying one. There are tons of files you can download if you don’t want to do your own design work.

    Posts: 56

    I’ve seen wooden slots made for holding the batteries etc. but that is awesome! I bet I’m not the only one that would buy a few.

    Justin Donson
    Posts: 277

    So much cool stuff you can make on those 3D printers, what an unbelievable gadget.

    Can you imagine having one of those as a kid? We would have made all sorts of crazy crap.

    I bought one of those Summit Livescope poles and was surprised when I got it, it’s totally just 3d printed.

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