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Team up with Iowaboy1 and Iowa SAR-K9!

  • iowaboy1
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    Folks, before I let you in on what we are doing at the shop, I have to ask you this, what drives you when life challenges you?
    Can you imagine having to find a missing child, neighbor or an elderly person,at a moment’s notice ??
    Our friend Marsha, is one of a handful of people that locally operate Iowa SAR-K9 (search and recovery) utilizing dogs
    that are specifically trained to find missing people in the water and on land. Marsha and others train and handle dogs of differing breeds and train them for this work.
    These dogs are nationally certified, they and their handlers attend seminars throughout the United States to maintain skills and further their training.
    Their mission is to find a missing loved one as soon as possible in all kinds of weather.

    I have known Marsha since we were kids back in high school. She and her spouse operate a farm and a small trucking company as well.
    Marsha and the other handlers pay for all of this out of their own pockets and they need our help!

    Marsha approached me earlier this summer with a boat they had bought and asked for help in rigging it for her line of work in SAR-K9, I jumped at the chance to do so!!
    The boat is perfect for an operator, two dogs and handlers to travel safely on any river or lake and it didn’t take Sheryl and I long to get it where it needed to be.

    Guys, this is where I am going to ask you to donate to a very worthy cause, if you have a few bucks to spare, or are a business that could use a write off that will help keep this operation going that would be great!!
    I am providing a direct link so that you can go there and check out what they do, and there is a donation link where you can do so directly.
    Or, you can send a check to our shop with Iowa SAR-K9 in the pay to order of line and we will make sure it is hand delivered to Marsha.

    The link to their site:

    1. FB95IMG951667099982117.jpg

    2. Resized952022091895094145.jpg

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    You had me at the word dog. lol

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2443

    Your a good man Sheldon. This is a cause that is easy to get behind!

    Posts: 3220

    Guys, I want you to understand that great folks like Marsha much like firefighters, LEO’s, and many others have made a commitment to put themselves on call every hour of everyday.
    I cannot begin to fathom what it must be like to be anywhere with family and you get the call that someone needs help, or sadly, a body recovered.
    All of us here have read too many times when someone went overboard or stumbled from shore and it was days, weeks, even months before they were found.

    Marsha and her crew assist other states when called to do so and they do all of this at no cost to the families.
    Lets give them all of the support we can!

    As long as I own and run this business, there will never be a charge for my work, ever.

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2443

    Guys, our close friend from armpit USA asked for our help yesterday and frankly I think we failed him. He helps people on this forum daily and I know a lot of you guys have had stuff done by him at cost or for very little profit. He would never ask for anything for himself, cause he is not that kind of guy, he asked for help for someone/ something else. I know it is a tough time to ask for money but most of us on here seem to find a way to have a little stashed away for special purchases. Maybe we could all throw a few bucks at this and really help some people out and I know it would mean the world to our favorite farmboy mechanic.

    Sheldon you can count on me for a donation, I will get it to you soon.

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