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Tappan lake flatheads

  • Eric Biesiada
    Posts: 3

    I’ve been asking around a bit but does anyone know of any good flathead catfish spots in tappan lake?? New to this species! Thanks!

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58727

    If I recall Ohio Game and Fish had some info on this lake and it’s flatheads.
    There was some noise on Facebook of a pay lake taking fish out of there with trot lines.

    That was a while ago though.

    Most of us flathead guys on this site fish the Mississippi River and it’s tribs in the warm water months.

    Please do share some photos if you get into some fish. Size doesn’t matter…just the story and hopefully a big smile photo. )

    Eric Biesiada
    Posts: 3

    Alright thank you! Sure I’ll make sure to update you with a photo!

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