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Sunday Fishing

  • Sharon
    Dakota County, MN
    Posts: 4205

    Joe and I took advantage of a beautiful fall day yesterday and did some fishing for panfish on the river. We found some nice sunnies and one really nice crappie! It’s been a while since I’ve pulled in panfish of this size and it was an absolute blast! mrgreen The wind wasn’t cooperating with us and since I’m not used to fishing the river quite yet, the current pulled my line into trees more than a few times. But I’m getting quicker at tying knots so I can get my line back in the water!

    The leaves weren’t too colorful yet, but it was a gorgeous fall day to be outside. 😎🎣💕🍁🍃🍂

    1. big-crappie.jpg

    2. big-sunnie.jpg

    3. fishing-buddies.jpg

    4. fall-leaves.jpg

    Posts: 37

    What a fun day!!!!!

    Ahren Wagner
    Northern ND-MN
    Posts: 410

    Slab of a crappie

    Central Mn North of the smiley water tower
    Posts: 2147

    Looks like you 2 had a fantastic day! Very nice Crappie! waytogo toast

    Posts: 1094

    Sounds and looks like you 2 had a great day! waytogo waytogo

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