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Sugar Lake / Siseebakwet Walleye

  • zach stafford
    Posts: 12

    Hello I am just looking for an information on Sugar Lake, as I will be coming up with my family this Saturday for a week to stay at a lake place we rented there. I know the lake is clean & clear, so sounds like night fishing may be the answer. Just looking for any advice or target areas. Thanks

    SE MN
    Posts: 284

    Never fished it personally. Outdoor writer Gary Clancy said in an article once to fish it early and late and at night because of the clear water. Good Walleye lake.

    Grand rapids mn
    Posts: 1164

    I’m not expert on this lake, but I have done good with a lighted slip bobber at night out around the sunken island. Also on West end of lake in front of the cat tails I’ve got some in around 18 ftow. It can get busy at night though that is when it’s fished the hardest. Try a lindy rig with a crawler. Big fish in there you see lots of camera flashes at night coming from the fellow fisherman. Good luck

    Kevin Yopp
    Posts: 182

    I’ve seen people pull nice fish from the weeds in the middle of a sunny day. I have only pulled bass out of those weeds myself, but would like to connect with some walleyes doing that, as I have witnessed.

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