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Striker Ice Hardwater XXL Bibs and Jacket $275

  • James Almquist
    Posts: 92

    Selling this set that is like new. Non-smoking home. No rips, tears or frayed edges. I think I might have worn these twice or 3 times at the most. These are 1st generation suit and I feel these are smaller and fit more like an XL. I can ship on your dime but would rather see you try them on first. Located in Carlton, MN

    1. IMG_3860-1-scaled.jpg

    2. IMG_3859-1-scaled.jpg

    3. IMG_3861-scaled.jpg

    4. IMG_3860-scaled.jpg

    5. IMG_3859-scaled.jpg

    6. IMG_3858-scaled.jpg

    7. IMG_3857-scaled.jpg

    8. IMG_3856-scaled.jpg

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