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  • evan
    knoxville, IA
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    Hey guys I have never fished storm, but was thinking about packing up in the morning, since not much is going on at rathbun yet. Do you think this weather is going to turn the bite off? and what are the best boat ramps to use? Ill be coming from the south up 35 then maybe highway 20 or 30 not sure. and if there is anything else I should know before hand would be great. Happy fishing

    Newton, Iowa
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    Hey evinrude…not sure if you made it out there or not, but here is a link to a website with contact info. These guys own a store in Storm Lake and will be glad to help…

    Binning Outdoors

    knoxville, IA
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    no I didnt go up. The weather kinda stunk,I called lanny miller and he gave me some good info on the lake, and also said the fishing slowed way down after the front last week. So Ill wait till this weather straightns up. thanks for the link.

    Omaha, NE
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    I’d never been to Storm lake either…… until Memorial Weekend. I usually fish Big Spirit, but Storm Lake is better IMHO. If you’ve never been here, you need to try it. Almost exclusively fishing boats on the water. No Jet Skiers or Tubers.
    I am at the lake tonight waiting for first light to go hunt eyes. There is a 17-22″ slot, and 1 of your 3 keepers can be over 22″. The slot works, you can catch keepers and slots. Lotsa fun!

    se iowa
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    going to give it a try on sunday. will let you guys know how i do come monday. i heard all you need to do is troll cranks around the humps. we’ll see.

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